Our Story

The Living Gallery BK was founded in 2012 by artist Nyssa Frank as a welcoming place where artists and creators could manifest their dreams into reality.  Since then the venue has hosted art shows, film screenings, spoken word nights, concerts, community events and much more.  It was there that the now married couple Joseph Meloy and Alexandria Hodgkins first met.  It was a dream of theirs to someday open a similar space, but they always figured it would have to be someplace outside of the city, down the line when they were older and had more financial stability.  But one evening in June 2017, after walked past a sign for an affordable storefront for rent in the East Village and they couldn’t believe their eyes.  They called Frank and asked if she would be interested in expanding with them to The Village and their excitement grew when she said yes.  When the trio first visited the space and saw it was in the colorful and historic “53 Avenue B” building they knew something special was happening.  A week later The Living Gallery Outpost was born!


The Outpost will have a similar model to the original Bushwick location but with a slant for intimate and special events.  In addition, the space will include a small boutique aspect and an arts and culture walking tours to celebrate the unique spirit of this historic neighborhood.  








Nyssa Frank - has been named by Brooklyn Magazine as one of the “100 Most Influential People in Brooklyn Culture,” and featured in USA Today, the New York Times and more.  She is well known as a gallerist but has a diverse body of art that ranges from sculpture, drawings, and spoken word. www.nyssafrank.net






Joseph Meloy - is a visual artist born and raised in Lower East Side Manhattan. Working in a style he coined “Vandal Expressionism,” his particular brand of post-graffiti abstraction draws heavily from AbEx, art brut, surrealism, cave painting and pop art.  Invoking primal elements of graffiti and the iconography of damage and intrusion from street art to turn the calligraphic scribbles of the street into a medium for artistic divination.  Meloy’s murals can be found all over New York particularly in the Lower East Side.  




Alexandria Hodgkins - is a youth and arts specialist and with a Masters degree in Community Economic Development.  She has written articles for After School Matters and spoken at numerous conferences and panels on the importance of arts programs for positive youth development.  With more than a decade of nonprofit and youth experience, Hodgkins hopes to infuse The Outpost with educational programming for students and artists alike.


246 E.4th ST., New York, NY, 10009

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